Project Title: EUROCARE-6: European Cancer Registry Based Study on Survival and Care of Cancer Patients (sixth round)

Project Summary: EUROCARE is a collaborative research programme on population-based cancer survival in Europe; currently it is at the sixth edition.


Main Topic

EUROCARE monitors between country variations and time trends in the survival of cancer patients in Europe.



To assess the survival of cancer patients (adults and pediatric ages) ,using also information on tumour characteristics that potentially influence treatments and outcome (morphology and sub-site localization and stage at diagnosis);

To study both long-term survival and temporal trends in survival by updating information on life status ascertainment for all cancer patients recorded by cancer registries;

To estimate the prevalence of cancer and to study the treatment pathways of cancer patients;

To estimate incidence, survival and prevalence of rare cancers.


Type of study

Population-based study on cancer registry data


Expected results

The main output from EUROCARE-6 will be the publication of survival and prevalence estimates for cancer patients diagnosed and followed up to 31th December 2013. The use of the EUROCARE-6 standardised dataset for specific studies will be promoted.


Responsible of the project: Roberta De Angelis (

Department/Center: Dipartimento di Oncologia e Medicina Molecolare

Project website: