Project Title: Incidence and prevalence estimations of the main cancers in Italy and in the Italian regions

Duration of the project3 years (included in the PSN)


Main Topic

To assess geographical and time trend differences in the cancer risk profile and in the cancer burden at regional and national level in order to provide indications on the real impact of cancer prevention activities.



To estimate the main epidemiological indicators (incidence, prevalence, survival and mortality) of cancers with the greatest impact in the Italian population and subject to primary and secondary prevention interventions, at national and regional level.


Type of study

Epidemiological estimates by region, cancer, gender, age and calendar year. Estimates are obtained with the MIAMOD method starting from cancer mortality in the Italian regions and from the survival of cancer patients derived by the Italian cancer registries data.


Expected results

To provide updated and detailed epidemiological indicators for evaluating and planning health policies in the oncology field.


Responsible of the project: Roberta De Angelis (

Department/Center: Department of Oncology and Molecular Medicine

Project website: Estimates are available in the Health for All Europe(WHO Regional Office for Europe) and Health for All Italy databases (ISTAT)