AMIF (Asylum Migration and Integration Fund) Italian Ministry of the Interior

Project Title: “Network of health services for migrants and reception facilities operators”.AMIF 2014-2020. Specific objective: 1 Asylum – National Objective 1 – Reception, Asylum and Protection of the health of applicants and holders of international protection in vulnerable condition.

Duration of the project: October 2018-april 2022.


Project Summary

The project, promoted by the Basilicata Region, aims to define an Action Plan based on the actual situation in force in the regional context regarding the health services provided to the different types of immigrants, according to what is established by the current legislation, by intervening both on the immigrant population and on operators of health services and immigration associations.
The project aims to create, together with the voluntary associations present in the region, specific pathways to facilitate access to health services and to provide basic and specialist services to all foreign nationals, including those not registered with the SSN.
The data on the services offered by the regional health system in the three years preceding the activation of the project will be analysed. The monitoring system will be developed taking into account migratory flows and resident and non-resident foreigns in the region.
The aim is to provide appropriate prevention, diagnosis and treatment services and protocols.
The study will consider, in particular, indicators such as women’s health, children’s health, drug use, infectious diseases and chronic degenerative diseases, vaccination, nutrition and lifestyles, as well as the health status of patients monitored over time.
The project provides health literacy for foreign users and training courses for health workers.
The Basilicata Region, through the Regional Coordination of Immigration, will activate the processes of strengthening services in the regional reception facilities and implement targeted and qualified training for the operators of the same facilities, according to the needs that will emerge from the research work.
Specialized psychological support services will also be developed and structured for the staff involved in the reception facilities.
The results of the research work will be transferred to a Plan for the Protection of the Health of Migrants and of Public and Private Workers in the Field of Social and Health Care, with the aim of implementing protocols modelled on the guidance provided by research work within the network of regional health services.


Main Topic

Development of a Plan for the Protection of the Health of Migrants and of Public and Private Workers involved in the field of Social and Health Care, with the aim of implementing protocols for the network of regional health services.



  • improving the quality of health care services for recipients;
  • increasing the number of migrants entering health and social welfare services;
  • providing psychological support services and training support to staff involved in assistance activities.


Type of study

Research, Intervetion.


Expected results

Definition of an effective regional system on health policies related to migration.


Responsible of the project: Claudio Giovannini (

Department/Center: Center for Gender-Specific Medicine